Friday, February 24, 2012

I would say that I have had writer's block, but I don't tend to write a lot in these posts. I guess I have had blogger's block! Time to catch up...again!

Sammy, Clea, Laila, and Marshall at Isaac's sportball birthday party back in January.

Playing basketball

Miles is taking notes

The party lasted for two hours, and for most of that time everyone ran around, while Miles stood completely still in the middle of everything.

Caged animals with balloons!

Sammy and Anya playing dress up.

Sammy and Naomi playing dress up - popular pastime!

Sammy and Miles playing with Sam's 'ipad'!

This is the beginning of our Nuevo Vallarta photos. We had a fantastic trip in the first week of February. The weather was excellent - sunny, warm but with a nice breeze. The kids spent the entire time swimming, either in the pools, or in the ocean. Of course, this meant that Brad and I had to be swimming the entire time too! 

The view from our balcony

These two bonded quickly

Waiting for our turn to swim with the dolphins! Mama looking a little tired. A few too many margharitas perhaps...

Many more Mexico photos to come in the next post!

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