Monday, September 26, 2011

Buck Lake - Tony's photos

We were very lucky to have Tony and Jo visit us at the cottage for a couple of days. They are now living in Toronto. Here are some of Tony's photos. I'm afraid I will continue to post too many photos because these are all so good!? Grandparents, enjoy! Everyone else, just flick through or ignore.

Everyone having dinner at the cottage. The only one missing is Betty.

Sammy's love of frogs continues

Gymnastics before bed

Granny brushing Sammy's hair

Two cheeky monkeys!

The baldies having a giggle

Miles looks very concerned. I think Brad might be losing!?

Peek-a-boo with the table cloth...thankfully after the dishes were cleared!

Sammy and Jo having a post swim cuddle

This is Brad in the canoe.

On a 'nature walk'

Brad, Sam and me on the floating dock

The 'kids'!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


After our week at the cottage we spent a few nights with Tom and Betty in Amherstview (just outside of Kingston). Activities included playing at the park...several times, apple picking, a stop at a chip wagon, and a visit to our favourite cheese factory store; also much playing and cuddling!

It was really nice having trees close to the ground. Miles could pick apples without being on Brad's shoulders.

Sammy running back with "the best apple!"

After all the apple picking, Sammy and Nana made a great apple crumble...yum!

Chip wagon stop

Hitching a ride with Grandpa

iphone silliness. I believe this was 'Tom the Cat', for those of you in the know!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Cottage - Buck Lake

First order of business, catch some fish!

Here are Sammy's fish and yes, she caught them herself.

Turning a chair in to a slide - early morning fun

Spontaneous dance music playing.

A little evening swing before bedtime

Even though Sammy can swim without one, she was happy to keep a life jacket on which allowed her to swim back and forth from the dock to the floating dock without anyone needing to be in the water with her. She values her independence!

Sitting on the dock

Paddle boating with Grandpa.

Sharing an ice cream

"Yum...thanks big sis!"

Checking out Westport, the town closest to the cottage.

Sammy working hard on the paddle boat..?

This photo was taken by Sammy. I think she did a pretty good job.

The baldies playing 'Trouble' with Sam

Meeting new friends from the neighbouring cottage

Reading in the cottage with Nana.