Saturday, September 10, 2011

Feeding time at the zoo! As the Ontario grandparents recently witnessed, Miles is messy. This is the mess he made a few days before we left for Ontario when we had a gang of friends over. It was quite spectacular. 

This is at the family day of Music Fest at Van Dusen Gardens. Tom Lee puts on an instrument 'petting zoo', as they call it, where kids get to try out all the instruments. I asked Sammy which one was her favourite and she said trombone...yikes! Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of her with the trombone.

Miles seemed quite attached to the cello.

Look at those 'Dizzy' cheeks!

At Music Fest we caught another Bobs & Lolo show. This is one of Sammy's crazy dance moves.

Sammy with Anya at Douglas Park. Anya is the little girl who lives across the alley from us. Sam and Anya have become quite attached to each other. Sammy goes outside every afternoon to see if she can hear Anya out in her backyard. If she can't hear her in the backyard, she gets me to call their house. This gives me a glimpse of the future when Sammy will pick up the phone, call Anya and say,"do you want to play?"

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