Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Miles dumpster...no wait, toy box diving!

Gotta look good while brushing your teeth!

Bed time stories with Katy

A quick visit with Granny before she heads back to Ottawa.

With Miles' facial expression...

...and Sammy's, you can tell they are siblings! They've got that serious don't-mess-with-me look down. I wonder where they get it from..? 

Sammy was lucky enough to have her face painted twice at the Children's Festival. This was her Saturday look and the cat (see previous post) was her Sunday look.

Sammy walked all the way up from Granville Island flapping her arms as if they were butterfly wings.
A few recent iphone pictures (and by recent I mean from the last 6 months!!)

Sammy and the goats at Maple wood Farm

Sammy on a play date at Douglas Park with her preschool friend, Anica.

Miles' first haircut!!

Just can't keep our monkey out of the trees

'Rock climbing' with Googie at Lynn Headwaters. Sammy ended up with a wet skirt, wet tights and wet runners. She wasn't happy about it, but we explained that getting wet was part of the adventure!

Face painting at the Vancouver Children's Festival

Sammy was meowing all day. Very cute, until you actually need a real answer out of her!

Miles riding a zebra at Children's Fest