Monday, October 15, 2012

Sammy has hands like a weight lifter, shes loves monkey bars SOOOO much!

Pure Joy!

Yes, that is a lady bug on her nose

Vancouver Aquarium visit

Maybe the dolphins will be fooled by Sammy's disguise

The farmer sampling his crops

Herald 2012 (better late than never?)

Yes, these photos were taken in August. This can be your nice little reminder of the wonderful summer you just lived, now that we are knee-deep in rain...or maybe  snow, depending on where you are.

"flying" thanks to Ronnie

Camping meals usual

Helping her little brother up... that he can continue to chase after her!

A long overdue nap for Miles.
For Brad too, I'm sure!

It's hard work playing horse balls with your umbrella!

Hanging with Bobs & Lolo. Miles was lucky enough to get a little private concert the previous night, featuring his favourite tunes including, of course, Raindrop Pop!

Hanging out with Hunter.
The following are a series of what happens when children find an open bag of chocolates, begin to eat said chocolates, and then the bag is taken away from them...which we did purely for the photos!
Some would say it is cruelty, but it was hilarious!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nothing like an early morning game of cards with your stuffies!

I think 'gallop' is winning

Of course, playing with grandparents looks like a lot of fun too.

The 'wine' series

I don't know if it's the water talking, but I love you guys!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer fun!

Ontario part 1:

Playground in Stittsville (Ottawa), visiting Granny and Grandad.

First big event of the trip, Sammy looses her 'snaggle-tooth'!

Cottage country! Devil Lake, just outside of Westport. Sammy is playing with the 'other kids' (Tony and Jo)

Dave Williams helping Miles down the hill

Bare bum fishing...well, for Miles at any rate.

Checking the minnow trap

The first thing that Miles did when we got in the boat was fall asleep.

Getting a lift from Grandad

Co-ed synchronised swimming. Future medal hopefuls!