Friday, August 19, 2011

Berry Picking and the Aquarium

We headed out to Emma Lea farms in Delta for some berry picking. It was a perfect day - beautiful sunshine, a nice breeze and around 24 degrees. We couldn't have asked for anything better!

Sammy did a great job of pulling the wagon. She insisted on using the pink one!

Somehow I don't think all of his berries made it to the bucket!?

Miles' first visit to the Aquarium...that he can remember!

The Giant Sea Turtle from the shark tank

Cockroaches...big ones!

Jelly fish

Vet Sammy giving her seal a check up.

Kids time at the Aquarium

My big boy sitting at the table having a juice box. It all goes by some quickly!

My lovely girl!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Swing dancing

This one is really for the grandparents! Here is a video of Sammy and her dance partner, a lovely random boy that she picked up, at Edgemont Village.
Granville Island water park. This is the first year Sammy is tall enough to go on the water slide by herself and she is thrilled about it!


...and drenched!

Sammy spent the week at bike camp. Here she is riding with all the girls in her class!

...except the teacher.

Emma reading Sammy's progress report for her.

Brad was away this past weekend at tennis camp so the kids and I spent Friday night in North Van. We were lucky enough to be invited, along with Moma and Googie, to Trish and Geoff's house for a crab feast. Here Miles is giving Geoff a high five.

Sammy and Trish walking Charlie
Swing dancing with Moma at a concert in Edgemont Village
Sammy then found a new dance partner!
Of course Sammy has no idea that this height discrepancy is likely to continue for at least the next 12 years!
Meanwhile, Miles hitches a ride out of there. 

iphone pictures

Here are a few iphone pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Ballet class...obviously!

Brad and Miles cutting lettuce for dinner

A little Subway stop on the way to Herald. Miles coveting Ronnie's sandwich!

Hiking on Seymour with Jo and July! The trail markers were buried in snow.

Jo and Molly the dog.


"What is he doing in there..?"

The girls playing on the playground after a nice swim at Maple Grove Park

Miles checking out the water feature at the new playground in the Olympic Village.

Must do what big sis is doing.

This is me after my very first hike up the Grouse Grind! Yes, that's right.  I grew up on the North Shore but never hiked the Grind. I look happy enough that I might just do it again!

It's hard to tell, but Sammy is about 12 feet up in this tree. Yikes!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Fun Part 2

The Burnaby Village Museum. I remember going myself as a kid. While things have changed (you can no longer sit in the old desks of the school room, for example), it is still a fun morning.

They have a 1971 themed room because they are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Sammy is doing her best to "fit-in"!

Miles' new favourite game...handing you anything and everything. Here he is handing me toys in the Village toy room.

Riding the Carousel.

Me getting nauseous from riding the Carousel!

 Next up, The Capilano Suspension Bridge. Moma and Googie took care of Miles one Monday morning so that Sammy and I could check it out.

Not so sure about this one...

Dancing on the bridge

Sammy and the falcon eyeing each other

Sammy's 14 second nap in the sun after her Treetop Adventures.