Monday, August 8, 2011

iphone pictures

Here are a few iphone pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Ballet class...obviously!

Brad and Miles cutting lettuce for dinner

A little Subway stop on the way to Herald. Miles coveting Ronnie's sandwich!

Hiking on Seymour with Jo and July! The trail markers were buried in snow.

Jo and Molly the dog.


"What is he doing in there..?"

The girls playing on the playground after a nice swim at Maple Grove Park

Miles checking out the water feature at the new playground in the Olympic Village.

Must do what big sis is doing.

This is me after my very first hike up the Grouse Grind! Yes, that's right.  I grew up on the North Shore but never hiked the Grind. I look happy enough that I might just do it again!

It's hard to tell, but Sammy is about 12 feet up in this tree. Yikes!!

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