Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Fun Part 2

The Burnaby Village Museum. I remember going myself as a kid. While things have changed (you can no longer sit in the old desks of the school room, for example), it is still a fun morning.

They have a 1971 themed room because they are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Sammy is doing her best to "fit-in"!

Miles' new favourite game...handing you anything and everything. Here he is handing me toys in the Village toy room.

Riding the Carousel.

Me getting nauseous from riding the Carousel!

 Next up, The Capilano Suspension Bridge. Moma and Googie took care of Miles one Monday morning so that Sammy and I could check it out.

Not so sure about this one...

Dancing on the bridge

Sammy and the falcon eyeing each other

Sammy's 14 second nap in the sun after her Treetop Adventures.

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