Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Climbing at Cliffhanger

Jo (Tony's girlfriend) is a member at Cliffhanger. She has been talking about getting Sammy to the gym for a while now, as Sammy loves to climb everything in sight. We finally got there this past holiday Monday. Thanks to Jo belaying us, both Sammy and I did some climbing.

Getting fitted with a harness

Watching Mommy climb first, as if I'm an expert!?

Miles was watching too and he would start to cry when I got up too high.

Sammy's turn

Miles spent most of his time flirting with people as they entered the gym.

Taking a break.

Thanks Jo for a great day. Next time we will have to get a few more people up on the wall!!

There are no photos of Brad because he was taking all the photos!

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