Monday, October 15, 2012

Herald 2012 (better late than never?)

Yes, these photos were taken in August. This can be your nice little reminder of the wonderful summer you just lived, now that we are knee-deep in rain...or maybe  snow, depending on where you are.

"flying" thanks to Ronnie

Camping meals usual

Helping her little brother up... that he can continue to chase after her!

A long overdue nap for Miles.
For Brad too, I'm sure!

It's hard work playing horse balls with your umbrella!

Hanging with Bobs & Lolo. Miles was lucky enough to get a little private concert the previous night, featuring his favourite tunes including, of course, Raindrop Pop!

Hanging out with Hunter.
The following are a series of what happens when children find an open bag of chocolates, begin to eat said chocolates, and then the bag is taken away from them...which we did purely for the photos!
Some would say it is cruelty, but it was hilarious!

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