Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mexico Part 1

A month and a half later and I am now uploading the photos!
We had an excellent time meeting, feeding and playing with dolphins through Vallarta Adventures. We spent about 45 minutes in the water with an older mommy dolphin who really loved to kiss Sammy on the cheek. It was a great experience and well worth the price. However, you are not allowed to take photos. They take them for you and then charge you fortune! None of our photos were particularly good so the only photo I purchased is this group shot.

Hanging out in our 'living room'. We had a one-bedroom suite.

Dinner at the Mexican restaurant

Sammy loves this dress and loves to show it off. I think she is chatting with the waiter.

Playing on the beach at night is very cool when you are 2 and 5.

We are beginning the process of potty training Miles. Sammy is demonstrating an interesting position!

Eating eggs in the morning is serious business

Seeing her 'saunter' along the beach is pretty scary. I can picture her 15 years from now...

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