Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas 2010

Miles wearing his Christmas shirt and blazer. He's so metro!

This is Sammy with her friend Téa at a birthday party for our friend Ron. The girls are now at that age where you can let them go off to play together and only be concerned if things seem a bit too quiet!! Deanna found these two goofs curled up pretending to sleep.

She is looking so grown up already!

Miles wants to know how his stocks are doing.

I think they are doing well!

Our little reindeer.

Moma gets in to the spirit of things.

Brad displaying two of his Christmas gifts.

Tony and I heading out for a Christmas Day run. I have recently taken up running, more seriouly this time, and run with my friend Deanna. Tony has been running in The Pas so while he was in town we had a few runs together.

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