Monday, December 13, 2010

Giggling about something very funny at Stanley Park 'Bright Nights'

Ditto for this one. Our friend Emily

Dave, Mel and Abby waiting in line for the train chocolate!

Deanna helping Sammy make a Christmas gift.

We have the most ridiculous fat ginger cat named Brian. He is hilarious and completely lovely. He decided to take a nap in one of our cupboards and forgot that we now have children...and therefore child locks!


The colander series.

Sammy's snowman...sideways!?

I took care of four children under the age of five for about five hours the other day. Mel's baby sitter got the flu and she was in a bind. I took a deep breath and said, "sure, bring the kids over!" Actually, the girls had a great time and Miles loved watching it all. Brad got home early from work and we all had a good dinner together. They didn't watch videos the entire time (I promise). But let's face it, in times like these, TV helps!

Cutie Abby with the most amazing hair!

Apparently, they were putting the decorating candy in bowls. I'd say caught red-handed, but you be the judge!

The gang decorating gingerbread houses with whatever candy wasn't consumed by Téa and Sammy.

Ron focusing on his building challenge. We were short half a roof. Must focus! Miles is sending good vibes. Deanna is laughing at them.

The Dundas/Gill end result.

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  1. I want a copy of that second Miles colander picture, so cute! Looks like the gingerbread house making was great. Very nicely done.