Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tony's Christmas Photos

Here are many Christmas photos taken by my brother, Tony. I have come to rely heavily on Tony's photography as he is so good at it and has an amazing camera. I suppose it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise that the film maker does great still photography! I'm posting too many photos because I can't decide which ones to leave out. Thanks Coco Tony!

Sammy opening a Christmas present from Jo (Tony's girlfriend) while wearing a Christmas present from Katy and Ron - her princess attire!

What can I say, except...adorable!?

Waiting in line to see Santa

'WOW!! Who is this big guy with all the facial hair?' Miles did manage to give the beard a good tug. a little enthusiasm Moma!!

I wonder which one of them started this game?

Christmas morning

Sammy looking cute in her Wizard's cape. Me looking insane in her Wizard's hat!

Mating season..?

Sammy's thinking, " Please parents, not at the dinner table!" Googie doesn't look all that impressed by it either.

Sammy in her wild forest, otherwise known as Moma and Googie's backyard.

Sammy is in a phase right now where she does not want her photo taken. Therefore, we end up with a lot of photos like this one!

Super Moma!

Jo and Miles (wearing his new hat knitted by Jo)

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