Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sammy's butterflies

Thanks to one of the preschool moms, Sammy had her own butterflies for a couple of weeks! We watched them grow from eggs to caterpillars, then form their chrysalis, disappear for a couple of days and then emerge as two beautiful butterflies. We kept them for a couple of days, feeding them sugar water, and then released them in our backyard. We all loved the whole experience and it was fascinating watching the butterflies grow strong enough to fly away, after a bit of practice!

Learning to pick up the butterfly

Even Brian got in on the act!

"Wow..." (that is a direct quote)

Feeding time

Eventually we had to eat dinner. Sammy waited until the very last minute to come inside, gobbled down her food, and then headed back out to check on her butterfly. Of course the butterfly had flown away by the time she got back out there. I thought there might be some tears, but she handled it like a pro. She said she was happy that her butterfly was off finding a new home.

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