Monday, July 11, 2011

Herald 2011

Every Canada Day we go camping in Salmon Arm with the same group of friends. The very first year, there were no kids. This year there were seven! It is a lovely tradition started by Katy and one we hope will continue for many years to come.

Brad cooking the turkey bacon for our first communal breakfast

Crafting while camping...we're really roughing it!!

Good morning hot chocolates

All three big girls can now ride two-wheelers and they made excellent use of their new skills. They only really stopped biking for meals...and sometimes not even then.

Brad and Julien laughing at something 'absolutely hilarious' that one of them just said

The colouring tent

Christine's hair parlor. The girls all requested braids.


Happy Canada Day!

We are goofy Canadians.


Claire and Miles

Katy's softball camp.

Christine and Julien...

...and one of their daughters, Zosha

Since returning home I have discovered that this is proof of a 'grass party' game which involves picking grass, throwing it up in the air, and yelling grass party!

The girls singing 'Oh Canada' back to the campsite

The water was freezing, but our kids don't seem to care


"You think I threw that piece of food..?"

"Get out of here!!"

Zosha shelling pistachios for Miles

Lately, people have been asking if Sammy and Téa are sisters, or twins. I wonder why they might think that..?

Eva relaxing at Tappen after a big ice cream

Zosha and Eva

Here are a few additional photos taken by Tanja
Ronnie roasting a marshmellow for Sammy

Dog pile!

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