Friday, June 7, 2013

Child Run 2013

Sammy and I ran in the BC Children's Hospital Child Run. Sammy did a great job running her 1 K. There was on moment when Sammy wanted to stop running, but luckily Moma and Googie appeared at that very moment to cheer Sammy on. Thank you so much to all of those who supported us. Together we managed to raise $620.00. Yay team!!
(Sorry...they're a bit out of order)

Sammy pre-run
Post crossing finish line

Helping Miles out
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Sammy had just spotted Moma and Googie, and then she really started to  fly!

Not too sure what is going on here, but Miles is often grabbing his crotch and he apparently very much enjoys it!

"Where is the siren?"

Miles wouldn't put the helmet on so Moma felt obliged.

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