Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

We've had a rather strange Easter weekend. Miles, Sam and Brad have all been suffering from a pretty bad belly bug. Miles started it off, and suffered the worst, and then passed it on to the rest of the family. I am the only lucky one who managed to avoid it (knock on wood), despite cleaning up all the mess that comes along with a bad belly bug! We had planned on spending Easter with a group of friends and my parents. Unfortunately, we had to cancel and instead had a quiet Easter this morning with my parents in North Van. The newly recovered bellies were well tested by the consuming of chocolate!

Goodies from Moma and Googie

Let the hunt begin!

Miles calls these little chocolate carrots 'ooh-le-la's', which means umbrellas...his favorite thing!

Playing in Moma and Googie's backyard

My parents have this little wrought-iron umbrella that Miles absolutely loves. Look at the joy on the boys face as he looks at the 'ooh-le-la' with love and sings Raindrop Pop.  I'm starting to wonder if Miles will own an umbrella shop when he grows up. In Vancouver he'd do quite well!

Climbing as usual

Despite the change in Easter plans, we had a lovely day hanging out in the backyard in the warm sun. Just what the doctor ordered!

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