Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A few recent iphone pictures

We headed out to Abbotsford the other day in search of 'Apple Barn'. We just missed the apple picking season, but we did get to watch them pressing the apples for cider...yum! They have a little petting zoo and some fun kid slides and trikes (that they call tractors!) Next year, we will aim for the picking season and then bake a lot with apples!
Sammy and the llama's at Apple Barn.

Miles cruising around at Douglas Park.


  1. Uggghh!
    Is that a slug coming out of Miles' mouth? (The photo with the caption)

  2. No...silly Googie. It is a string from his hat (to tie under his chin) and it is great because it keeps him from chewing on other things like dirt and rocks!