Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sammy and Miles riding a very cool, very old-school mechanical horse outside Choices on Cambie St.

Miles and Savannah Goheen at a musica intima playdate.

Miles and Brad watching horse jumping at the PNE.

Sammy's first time holding a snake. She loved it until it started to move up her arm!

Sammy hanging out on the North Shore with Lolo...and Bobs of 'Bobs and Lolo'!


  1. she looks a little bit shy/starstruck. Did she have anything to say? Or maybe her mouth was too full of lollipop.

  2. I think she was star struck...and distracted by her lollipop. Curse those people who give out free candy to kids! Next time, just for you Caitlin, I'll ask for some dried fruit!!

    Actually, Bobs and Lolo are friends of ours - Lolo in particular. Sammy had quite a few hugs for Lolo when she first saw her, but I think she still doesn't quite get that 'Lolo' is our friend, Lorraine. The star status confuses her!